Grant Bratislavy za rok 2020 získala Jana Šantavá s projektom Bratislava - mesto nových začiatkov.

Ročné štipendium magistrátu hlavného mesta Bratislava udelil primátor hlavného mesta, Matúš Vallo, fotografke Jane Šantavej, na projekt s názvom Bratislava – mesto nových začiatkov. Po ročnom fotografovaní bude jej projekt (min. 30 fotografií) vystavený v rámci výstavy súťaže budúci rok.
Grant Bratislavy je už tradične súčasťou súťaže SLOVAK PRESS PHOTO a je vyhlasovaný a podporovaný Magistrátom hlavného mesta. Fotografie projektov grantu sú vizuálnym archívom Bratislavy a dokumentujú život v meste počas uplynulých rokov.
Bratislava – the city of new beginnings
Bratislava belongs to the youngest capital cities in Europe. Situated on the banks of Danube, the city was meant to house many cultures. The fragmentary design of Bratislava is visible at first glance in its urbanization. We do not favour continuity. New generations have abandoned their heritage, convinced they can build better projects. Neglected roots gave way to insensitive impacts without any consideration for the environment. Besides, there are half-constructed and for a variety of reasons blocked or even hastily demolished buildings and structures replaced by others. “Development of socialism” brought probably the most radical changes in Bratislava. Barbaric partial destruction of the historic centre took place, but it should be acknowledged that several iconic projects were also built. A new beginning came in 1989. The uncontrolled construction propelled by developers had a key role in the aforesaid fragmentation of the city. I aesthetically see this phenomenon as a collage. I conclusively turned the fragmentary nature of collage into the background of my Bratislava project. I search for places affected by indifference and eccentricity. They are often marked by temporary or incomplete design. I started my project this March and I have long ruminated on the identity of my hometown. The idea to portray the city as a collage had slowly come to life. This idea is technically supported by a linear perspective and dispersed light. In the absence of people, the sensation of the pointless nature of the place is sensed along with emphasized shapes and lines. Bratislava offers many attractive spots made exceptional by their dynamic stories. The city has been transformed by a new beginning in the recent years and it is becoming an attractive European metropolis. I believe my quest of new pieces of the “Bratislava puzzle” contributes to a better understanding of our city and where is it heading.

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