In our lives, everything changes. Time passes, situations evolve, and emotions are floating. This series of photographs, entitled "Temporary Phantasmagoria," deals with this constant change and transience. I hope that in "Temporary Phantasmagoria," you will find the embodiment of how dream and memory, past and present intertwine. It is an attempt to embrace every experience, whether it be a joyful moment or a painful break, as valuable.
The twig, once beautiful and alive, now serves as an example of how we hold onto the past in our lives and refuse to let it go. The girl embracing it symbolizes the desire to retain something that no longer belongs in the present. 
The girl with her three hands holding foul-smelling fish symbolizes impurity and hidden falsehoods that can influence us. With this photograph, I attempt to express how lies can distort our perception of the world and affect our decisions.
The photograph of the girl with hair in her mouth evokes various interpretations and symbolism. It may symbolize a feeling of suffocation or suppression stemming from an inability to express thoughts and feelings. The hair, symbolizing personal identity and individuality, is in the mouth, a place commonly associated with communication and expression. 

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